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Sometimes the reason for back pain or other pain is poor posture. The chiropractor at Rochester Family Chiropractic, Dr. Laura Nicholson, offers Rochester Hills, MI patients help with posture correction, which alleviates many physical problems.

Why Is Good Posture So Important?

While it's common knowledge that having good posture is important, many people may not know exactly why that is. The main reason that good posture is important is spinal alignment. When a person slumps continually or has other bad posture habits, the spine is pulled into a state of misalignment. This misalignment negatively impacts the vertebrae of the neck and back, the discs, and all the nerves that are part of the spinal column. When the spine is not properly aligned, it can be very painful. A misaligned spine can even limit range of motion, as even small moves may be too painful.

What Is Ideal Posture?

Ideal posture means sitting or standing up as straight as possible without any slumping. While standing, never keep weight entirely on the heels. It is actually better to place a bit more weight on the pads of the feet rather than the heels. When sitting, the back should be very close to the chair's back. Feet should stay flat on the floor when seated. Crossing the legs is actually a bad habit that can cause the spine to drift out of alignment over time. Shoulders should be straight, never hunched. The chest should be pushed out while keeping shoulders back.

How Is Posture Correction Done?

Posture correction begins with a posture analysis from the chiropractor. A chiropractic alignment is typically an excellent starting point for posture correction. Chronic poor posture has often caused the spine to become so misaligned that proper posture is difficult. With a newly aligned spine, the patient will often find it much easier to practice daily posture awareness. The chiropractor can also prescribe strengthening exercises for the core muscles, which make it much easier to maintain good posture habits. While it will take some practice to get into a new "proper posture" habit, greatly improved wellness is the reward.


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