Sports Injury in Rochester Hills

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After an injury, most people want to make sure that they aren't hurt again. The chiropractor at Rochester Family Chiropractic, Dr. Laura Nicholson, offers sports chiropractic in Rochester Hills that focuses on both healing and strengthening to prevent future injury.

What Is Sports Chiropractic?

Sports chiropractic focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries sustained during exercise. Professional athletes often see a medical doctor or a chiropractor for sports treatment after they sustain an injury. However, a large number of sports chiropractic patients are not professional athletes. Sports chiropractic patients may range from amateur sports team athletes to people who had an accident in the gym while training on their own. In children, many are doing sports year round and are creating repetitive stress injuries.

How Can a Chiropractor Help With Sports?

A chiropractor can offer a noninvasive approach to recovery. The chiropractic philosophy focuses on healing directly at the injury source. Rather than prescribing medication or invasive treatments like surgery, the chiropractor will help patients heal through targeted spinal adjustments, specific rehabilitative exercises, and different lifestyle modifications. The chiropractor's goal is to help the patient heal completely, so that they are at the same state of physical wellness as they were before the injury. Many sports injury patients who receive chiropractic treatment even feel that they are better than ever as they return to the sport or activity that they love.

What Type of Sports Treatments Are Effective?

Spinal adjustments are often a very useful tool for pain relief in sports injury patients. There are also many different physical therapy modalities that may be useful. The specific course of sports treatment that the chiropractor prescribes depends upon the injury and the individual patient. The patient must be an active participant in his or her recovery when it comes to chiropractic care for sports medicine. Strengthening exercises are especially important during this period of rehabilitation. The stronger that the injured area becomes, the more effectively the body will be able prevent or fight off a similar injury in the future.


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