X-Ray Motion Study in Rochester Hills

Chiropractic Rochester Hills MI x-ray

An x-ray motion study can help diagnose injury and determine the best treatment path for a patient. Rochester Hills, MI patients can trust chiropractor Dr. Laura Nicholson at Rochester Family Chiropractic to provide skilled and compassionate chiropractic care.

What Is a Digital Motion X-Ray?

A digital motion x-ray is a procedure that provides highly detailed moving images of an injured body part. This type of x-ray is useful for both diagnosis and treatment, especially in cases where a standard x-ray image is unable to provide enough information about the injury.

What Type of Injuries Is a Digital Motion X-Ray Used For?

The digital motion x-ray may be used for a wide variety of different injuries. Auto accident patients, patients suffering from sports injuries, and people who were injured on the job may all be good candidates for digital motion x-rays. Patients who suffer from TMD, chronic spinal alignment issues, and degenerative diseases impacting the spine may also benefit from digital motion x-rays.

How Is Digital Motion X-Ray Different From Other Diagnostic Imaging?

A digital motion x-ray can reveal considerably more information about an injury than standard film x-rays, ultrasounds, and even MRIs are able to do. In particular, the digital motion x-ray can show connective tissues clearly. It is the only type of imaging that can clearly show the kind of injury present. Connective tissue injuries can cause considerable pain and suffering, but they are traditionally very difficult to diagnose and to prove without more advanced equipment. The digital motion x-ray provides a way to prove that the injury exists, so it can be particularly useful in situations like auto accident cases or worker's compensation injury cases.

How Does the Digital Motion X-Ray Process Work?

During a digital motion x-ray, the patient will move the injured part of the body during the x-ray, revealing more information than a standard, static x-ray. The entire process is very short in duration and exposure is kept to a minimum and within all safety standards. Dr. Nicholson is able to provide this specialized x-ray for patients at Rochester Family Chiropractic.


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